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Processing And Shipping Times

All of our products ship worldwide. Please note we require 1-5 days to actually process and prepare the order before it actually ships (this usually gets done in 1-2 days or even less than one day, so we ship them out fast).

Estimated Shipping Times

Orders shipped from the US warehouse

ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico via USPS and arrive in 2-5 days


Orders shipped from the UK warehouse

ship to the UK via Royal Mail and arrive in 2-5 days


Orders shipped from the AU warehouse

ship to Australia and New Zealand via Australia Post and arrive in 2-5 days


Orders shipped from the GLOBAL warehouse (Hong Kong)

ship worldwide via a wide range of shipping services (depending on the destination country) and arrive in

Canada :  5-15 days

Australia & New Zealand : 5-15 days

Western Europe (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, etc) : 5-15 days

Central & Eastern Europe : 7-31 days

Asia & Middle East : 7-31 days

Africa : 7-31 days

South America : 7-31 days

Other Areas : 14-51 days

The above delivery times are valid for free and standard shipping. Free shipping usually does not include a tracking number

Premium shipping (express) is available for selected countries and delivery time is 3-15 days (depending on the country). Premium shipping includes a tracking number.

The shipping times above are estimated and not exact. They also vary depending on the warehouse from where the order gets shipped, the shipping service used and the final destination of the package (your location). Sometimes shipments are faster and sometimes they are slower due to events out of our control such as but not limited to: extreme weather conditions, holidays, the time it takes for your country to process the order at customs (if any), and the speed of your local delivery service, etc. For more info about the current location of your package please check the Frequently Asked Questions page or just contact us directly and we’ll look into it.

*Delivery and processing times above are listed in business days.